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Major Formula 1 Technical Innovations (1950 - 1998)


Technical Innovation

1998 High exhaust layout (Ferrari)
1997 Electronic braking distribution device (was driver controlled in the 1998 McLaren)
1996 Aerodynamically profiled wishbones suspension (Tyrrell)
1995 Electronic handbrake for start (Ligier and/or  Benetton?)
1995 Electronic clutch (no clutch pedal)
1993 Aero fences
1992-93 Anti-wheel spin traction control / Anti-skid regulator
1992 Drive by wire throttle (McLaren)
1990 Fully raised nose (Tyrrell)
1989 Gear change paddle at steering wheel
1989 Semi-automatic gearbox (Ferrari first)
1988-89 Aero boxes are back
1986 Rear diffuser (Williams first)
1986 Pneumatic valve gear (Lotus-Renault)
1985 Data logging / Telemetry (Renault?)
1984 "Coke bottle waist" (bottle neck chassis shape ahead of the rear wheels)
1983 Computer-controlled active suspension (Lotus first, continued in 1987, then perfected by Williams in 1992)
1981 Carbon fiber chassis (Lotus and McLaren, in 1983 chassis were made completely of carbon fiber)
1981 Twin chassis (Lotus)
1978 Carbon fiber brakes (Brabham, common in 1992)
1978 Fan car (Brabham)
1977 Turbo (Renault)
1977 Ground effects skirts / Wing cars (Lotus)
1977 Radial tires
1976 6-wheeler (Tyrrell)
1971 Gas turbine engine (Lotus)
1970 Inboard suspension (Lotus)
1970 Wedge-shaped car (Lotus)
1970 Slick tires
1970 Side mounted radiators (Lotus?)
1969 4 wheel drive
1968 Movable airfoil brakes / Movable wings (Brabham)
1968 Wings for added downforce (Lotus)
1967 Engine and gearbox as fully stress loading bearing
1966 H16 engine (two V8 back to back at 180 degrees, BRM)
1962 Monocoque chassis (Lotus)
1960 Sophisticated suspension systems (double wishbones and coil springs)
1959 Mid-engine layout (Cooper)
1956 Disk brakes (Vanwall)
1954 Streamlined body (Mercedes)

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