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Formula Nippon Champions / Japan F3000 / Formula 3000



2012 Kazuki NAKAJIMA (JAP) F-Nippon
2011Andre LOTTERER (GER)F-Nippon
2010 Joao Paulo de OLIVEIRA (BRA) F-Nippon
2009 Loic DUVAL (FRA) F-Nippon
2008 Tsugio MATSUDA (JAP) F-Nippon
2007 Tsugio MATSUDA (JAP) F-Nippon
2006 Benoit TRELUYER (FRA) F-Nippon
2005 Satoshi MOTOYAMA (JAP) F-Nippon
2004 Richard LYONS (IRE)  & Andre LOTTERER (GER) F-Nippon
2003 Satoshi MOTOYAMA (JAP) F-Nippon
2002 Ralph FIRMAN (IRE) F-Nippon
2001 Satoshi MOTOYAMA (JAP) F-Nippon
2000 Toranosuke TAKAGI (JAP) F-Nippon
1999 Tom CORONEL (HOL) F-Nippon
1998 Satoshi MOTOYAMA (JAP) F-Nippon
1997 Pedro de la ROSA (SPA) F-Nippon
1996 Ralf SCHUMACHER (GER) F-Nippon
1995 Toshio SUZUKI (JAP) All-Japan F3000
1994 Marco APICELLA (ITA) All-Japan F3000
1993 Kazuyoshi HOSHINO (JAP) All-Japan F3000
1992 Mauro MARTINI (ITA) All-Japan F3000
1991 Ukyo KATAYAMA (JAP) All-Japan F3000
1990 Kazuyoshi HOSHINO (JAP) All-Japan F3000
1989 Hitoshi OGAWA (JAP) All-Japan F3000
1988 Aguri SUZUKI (JAP) All-Japan F3000
1987 Kazuyoshi HOSHINO (JAP) All-Japan F3000
1986 Satoru NAKAJIMA (JAP) All-Japan F2
1985 Satoru NAKAJIMA (JAP) All-Japan F2
1984 Satoru NAKAJIMA (JAP) All-Japan F2
1983 Geoff LEES (HOL) All-Japan F2
1982 Satoru NAKAJIMA (JAP) All-Japan F2
1981 Satoru NAKAJIMA (JAP) All-Japan F2
1980 Masahiro HASEMI (JAP) All-Japan F2
1979 Keiji MATSUMOTO (JAP) All-Japan F2
1978 Kazuyoshi HOSHINO (JAP) All-Japan F2
1977 Kazuyoshi HOSHINO (JAP) All-Japan F2000
1976 Noritake TAKAHARA (JAP) All-Japan F2000
1975 Kazuyoshi HOSHINO (JAP) All-Japan F2000
1974 Noritake TAKAHARA (JAP) All-Japan F2000
1973 Motoharu KUROSAWA (JAP) All-Japan F2000

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